Sheepdog training at winter time

Sooner than I hoped this year we did a few-days-session sheepdog training with Synve. Jet did not forget anything from the last time (which was in Sept), but thanks for our "empty training" (I gave this name to those trainings when we practice for sheepdog training without sheep) she even improved to some extent. Her… Continue reading Sheepdog training at winter time

Trial training – happy herding at Biohof farm

On the last weekend of September we gathered at Biohof Deml to spend two days with herding as if it was a trial. It was a great opportunity to get a little experience what is it like to compete in a sheepdog trial. We got a beautiful field to run, and fresh new sheep for… Continue reading Trial training – happy herding at Biohof farm

Summer sheepdog trainings

Following the first training's success we went on with sheepdog training. The little 9 months old Jet seems very happy and keen on working with sheep. She really hooked on this activity I think (and me too, I have to confess). Tha last month we had two training "seminars" with Synve  with 3-3 training session… Continue reading Summer sheepdog trainings