ISDS (00/311664) Sweep1

FCI (NHSB Bijl. G-0-2860962)

Zac (ISDS 285644) x Sanduck Kit (ISDS 300876)

Tricolor smooth coated male

Open trial class

D.O.B: 07.12.2010.

Hight: 52 cm , Weight: 18,5 kg

HDA, CEA/CH – DNA normal (Optigen 06.08.2012), OCD-free, PRA/CAT-free

Owner: Bianca Langras (N)




After months of searching Jet’s breeder, Synve sent me an e-mail about an ISDS male imported from England, who is said to be an extremely talented sheepdog, trialling in open class in CSC and WT qualifiers in the Netherlanden. He has all the traits of a good working border collie: He loves to please his owner, always ready to work and gives 200% effort all the time. At herding he has fantastic sheep sence, and always has respect to the sheep. Herding work is really in his veins, it is amazing to watch his speedy, great outruns and natural flanks. As he has enormous will to please it is always very easy to train him, he is a very good listener.

When I saw some videos about Sweep his  athletic body structure, and his powerful, fast maneuvers immediately caught my eyes.  Although he doesn’t do agility, I had the feeling that with the athletism he has he could be a amazing agility dog too. He comes from a very healthy family with a pedigree containing numerous great names from the sheepdog world.  He is light and not big which was also my criteria for the future male. In his free-time he plays with the other dogs in Bianca’s pack, but most of the time when he is out of work he sneaks into the house to lay on the sofa and relax. He loves to be cuddled , he is a very sweet and friendly dog.

Video about herding – video about playing with Doeska

So far he had two litters and all his pups are prooved to bring the characteristics of Sweep. They are very enthusiastic, happy workers with lot of stamina and power, but with trainable, cool head.

 Sweep’s offsprings

First litter in 2013: Sweep x Kate

Out of this mating 7 pups were born, all are healthy and happy workers. Britt and Glenn were already hip tested and they both have HD-A results.

Second litter in 2014: Sweep x Jill

Jill was mated by Sweep, and four beautiful pups were born. They grew up into a very nice young dogs. All are working on sheep and they show their parents’ talent and working characteristics already.