Name in the pedigree: Lisa van het Blukbos (FC NHSB 2984174I/ISDS 335009)

Sire: Glen at Borders at Work (Wiet van Dongen) – CSC 2015 competitor

Dam: Killiebrae Becky

DOB: 31.10. 2014.

Reel is looking for a new home. She is a great girl with lovely and solid temperament. With plenty of energy she is the happiest when she can run, play, or work the most of the day. She loves playing, fetching ball and she is very cuddly dog. Gets on perfectly well with any dog, and she is very friendly with everyone adults or children, no matter if she knows the person from earlier time or she/he is completely foreigner to Reel. She is very open and curious everywhere and with everyone.

Her sheepdog training has started, in what she showed great interest and talent. Probably within a short time she may become fantastic working dog. She got agility foundation training too.

She has missing P1, P2 teeth, therefore breeding is not possible with her. (She will not get approval for breeding because of the missing teeth, but in the everyday life this will never cause any health problem for her). Both her parents have excellent health tests results. As there is not known shoulder and elbow score from Reel’s parents I decided to make an x-ray about these. Therefore, shoulder and elbow x-rays were made in her age of 7 months, everything seemed as perfect as joints of a growing puppy may be. Hips were not x-rayed, as I didn’t want to put her into anesthesia and based on her parents’ hip score I didn’t expect anything bad.

She will be given only for a working home where she can use her temperament and talent, but also where she can have the love and attention she needs.

If you are interested in her, or have any question, please contact me on