Moravia Open 2015.

IMAG2777[1]The first big international competition in this year was Moravia Open. With nearly 200 large team it was exciting where we can finish the competition. On saturday I was really struggling by the high heat, but somehow we managed to fougth ourselves into the final. Out of 3 quali runs 1 was Dis, one was with a refusal. The third agility run was very far from being perfect, but thanks to Jet -who saved the run at about three point of the course – we qualified into the final. That was an amazing experience to run, we really, really enjoyed it. I love how Jet flying by the fantastic atmosphere. We both just love this. It was not an overcomplicated course,  just a nice one with a few challenges and we managed to run clean finishing the final at the 4th place. I am really proud of this result especially because we missed the podium only with half a second behind Alar Kivilo and Duffy who were always a lot faster (2-3-4 sec) as we, and that ‘s the most important to me that I know we are improving and catching up to the top competitors.

This Finale on satruday gave me so much energy and happiness that we made quite nice runs on saturday. Even though only one was clean out of 3, I was very content with our performance because finally I started to be able to run FAST :-P. In the clean jumping we came 9th place , in one agility we had a bar down but still we finished 16th place. If there is no mistake we would have come 2nd our time was so great. And that what really counts to me now. These results are really super giving that even on sunday there were about 170 maxi competitors there. So I was super happy, and most of all we really had a great  competition with Jet and we had a lot of fun together. This is a video about the runs on sunday. With a lot of little – or big – mistake, but still we are improving and that is what I like to feel.