Herding Working Test

At the beginning of december we made it, finally. Finally, because a least year we had an attempt for the test – and we failed. I mean, I failed, I was completely wrong in handling the course. Following that experience I didn’t at all have the urgent feeling to rush back to the competition field. We participated only in one sheepdog trial this year which was again, not a full success , I would say 🙂

Well, no wonder why. We have very limited possibility for sheepdog training. Eighter we went to the neigbourhood of Salzburg occasionally for a few days training with Synve, or – as happened in the past few weeks – we visited Magdalena close to Villach. From us reaching either of them takes at least 1.5 hours of driving. So it wasn’t very easy to manage these occasions with a 2 years old little girl especially in a cold late autumn weather. I really can say that we had the minimum training in the past few months so I went to the test knowing that failure can happen this time too.

Fortunately everything went really smooth, we had nice sheep and manageable course. Jet worked very nicely, enthusiastically. I was able to make a good handling plan and could concentrate well, and we ended up doing a very nice performance resulted in 91 points. I was very-very glad because my minimum requirement in now fulfilled regarding sheepdog training. Jet has the qualification to go into Trial Class 2, and we have the HWT that is needed for future breeding plans 🙂

From now on we can do sheepdog work just for improving our skills, and purely to have fun. I am so happy for that.