Back on sheep

After one year of not training any sheepdog work we finally got back on the field again. It is always great to be out with the sheep not because this is one of the ways when I feel the closest to the nature but also because Jet is such a brilliant working dog, she is so naturally great when herding sheep it is a joy to watch her.  Herding is really in her veins.  I could make sure about this again, because in spite of missing out a whole year of sheepdog training we could continue the training process exactly from the point where we stopped last summer. Moreover, Jet has grown up which in her case means a lot more confidence, trust in me, nice and smooth teamwork together.  During training I have to concentrate hard not to be one of those fascinated handlers who just stand still with jaw dropped and amazed by their dogs presence. I can tell  , it is hard, because watching a border collie’s natural instinct showing up in no time, with no training is something really – really amazing. And especially amazing if the dog in action is your own smart friend. 🙂

So we went on with the training with Synve, we tried to deepen the skills we have already learned, also we started practicing the shedding. It was fun, fun, fun.  We will go on in september. I can’t wait for that…