Jet won 3rd place on the Hungarian National Agility Championship 2013.

The Hungarian National Championship is one of the most prestigious competition of the year and always the best teams compete there. I waited this event with quite a big excitement as I knew there we would meet a lot of great competitors also a lot of great old friends. It was  a great day indeed, and as expected lots of super teams turned up. As an open competition it gave a good opportunity for a little test, to see where about we are at the moment compering to the others. With a young and beginner dog like Jet is and so little competition experience behind, I felt I really challenged ourselves this time.

On the previous days of the competition I was quite nervous and annoyed but all this feeling vanished while we were driving  to the agility hall. The mini class started the day so I had time to get accustomed to the place and the atmosphere, and to have a good walk with Jet. By the time the large jumping course building started I felt easy and relaxed, and had a lot of energy to run the course. I knew that I can trust Jet 100%, that she feels good at that atmosphere, and would happily run with me. It is something fantastic to have a dog like her who I can really trust , and know that she would give her best and do exactly what we practiced on the trainings.

The jumping run came first. It was quite a technical course I think but there was no surprise , when I saw the course I knew we can manage it. I had plenty of time to learn the path and create the handling strategy for that as I was somewhere in the middle of all the starters. So while I was waiting for my turn I had a chance to watch a couple of runs, and think through what I want to do. Then our time arrived, following a good warm-up we were already at the start line.

Everything was quite smooth, thought I made some unnecessary movements that cost a lot of time, but still we finished this run on the second place. The hardest part of this course was the 7-8 obstacle combination, the weave was very far from the jump n7, and lot of dogs went off-course to the tunnel. I didn’t plan but during the run I happen to make a front cross before the weave, making the line a bit more easy for Jet to the weave entry. Before the n15 I wanted to do a blindX – this was my plan 🙂 – but I was not fast enough to execute that in the run so I did a turn-away what actually was really a cool thing to do. At least I felt like that 🙂 The set from the last tunnel (n16) was easy-peasy so we just nicely left the course. 🙂


Then came the agility in a “handicap” running order. As we finished the jumping on the second place it meant that we run the agility as the second last team. So again I had time to prepare 🙂 I was happy with this run again, we made it clean and I was especially happy with the lines we could run at 7-9 and 13-16. It was really nice and thight. The contact preformance is not very strong at the moment , and what was new to me that Jet seems to spend too much time in the tunnel so I have to help her with my voice – what I didn’t do so far. We need to improve in these because this costs really a lot of time at the moment 😦

Well, but alltogether of course I am very very happy, finishing on the 3rd place overall in the National Championship is really a small dream that came through. The best of all that we both were really relaxed, had no stress at all and this is really why I think our future is very promising. We can be any good at trainings if we are overstressed at competition situation and make a lot of mistake by nervousness.

Soooo! Again, needless to say anything about how MUCH I love running with my Jetie. She IS just perfect.


Here is the video about the runs:

Last but not least let me say a few words about the results of the Kraft – Team,  that reflects all the hard work that Erika Szoboszlay does for us.
So in the team competition the Kraft Large (including us) finished on the 3rd place, the Small-Midi team became National Champion. Zsófi Bíró with a small parson russell Schilla won the mini individual cathegory, also  Vivien Tóth who became junior mini champion with her poodle Kelsie, competes in the Kraft-Team. Apart from these results the team-members reached many podium places in the different runs. Thank you Era!!! ❤


The next competition is in mid January, the MEOE-ASB Winter Cup, and a Kraft Cup is on the following weekend. I can’t wait to be there 😉

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