Agility debut in Korneuburg

Time has arrived, we entered our very first agility competition, which was a four-day-trophy organized by the Korneuburg dog club.
Following these exciting days I couldn’t be happier. During the competition we far exceeded all my prior expectations. In 4 days we had 4 clean agility and 1 clean jumping runs, we finished 3 runs with only 1 fault in each, and got 1 DIS for the first jumping run. On saturday we were on the podium with 2nd place, with the results of the agility runs we can enter into A2, and with the combined scores of the 4 days, from the 50+ A1 starter we got into the finale from the 2nd place. The finale was an open agility what we ran clean again, so we finished the Trophy on the 12. place.

Jet was brilliant, my happy, enthusiastic, and always focused partner on the course. Needless to say how proud I am of her After these exciting days we have a little rest now, then we start working on things I listed in my mind during the competition. I will surely be very busy in the coming months.

Here is the video we made about the runs: