Slow times

It is the beginnig of 2013. Winter is here, and our little daughter Lara was born 2 months ago. Jet has kind of a resting period at the moment getting ready for more busy times.  Having a rest doesn’t mean she is completely stucked in our flat, but definitelly has less excercise than she had before. Still, we have a 1-1,5 hours free walk every day, and we play a lot here and there whenever we can.  We have not stopped aglity training completely,  I can find time for 1-2 training a week but our time is coming when I can increase this frequency.  Very soon we go for a few days to Rutzenmoos for sheepdog training. This makes me very happy as I thought the first opportunity for herding work will come a lot later this year.  I can’t wait to see my little Jet with the sheep again.

We are ahead of a really exciting year,  I hope to be able to prepare ourself to start trialling late autumn this year. We wil see how everything goes – fingers crossed 😉

Jet_szanto1 Jet_szanto2

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