Hiking on the Grossglockner Berglauf trail

On the first day of August my husband Daniel and I decided to walk along the trail of the Grossglockner Berglauf. The Berglauf  is a running trial organised annually by the local community of Heiligenblut. The trail  starts in Heiligenblut at 1250 m, and runs through 13 km with 1200m hight difference till it ends at the Franz Josef Höhe, at the most popular tourist attraction along the Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse.

We had a beautiful day and ideal weather condition to take this long walk.  We made this tracking a few days ago and I planned to write a pretty much exhaustive post about it, as the trip made quite a big impression on us. But I try to keep my words short, as this experience cannot be discribed with them properly.  We walked through nice little forrests, high hills, we were at a point from where we had a bird-eye view to the valley of Heiligenblut, we met cows,  saw the deep canyon beneath the Hohalpen strasse, we glimpsed the peak of the Grossglockner in that moment when we left the forrest and reached the stoney and rocky last part of the route.

We experienced hight and great distances, we felt the green grass and mountaineous creeks and the shiny blue sky above with its super cute clouds.  We touched the glacier under the Glockner that is slowly vanishing due to the effect of the global warming. I looked up at the always-proudly-standing Grossglockner and thought that we are really lucky to live in this corner of the World what is so full of nature and peace.

Jet lived up this trip on her own way. Dispite of us, who were really exhausted by the end of the tracking, she was full of joy and life all day long, she enjoyed the smells and the time with us but moreover she loved the thousends of small and  bigger ponds and creeks we passed. Of course she had to jump into each of them , that was out of question 🙂 And after this all-day long walk, in the evening, following a few hours of rest she turned up at our sofa with her favourite toy in her mouth to initiate some play with us…

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